Keri is a tiny-tiny island in the Baltic Sea pretty close to the capital Tallinn... at the same time being one of the northernmost islands in Estonia.

The size of the island is only 3.1 ha. It doesn't have a wharf and therefor it's pretty hard to get there. Fortunately. That keeps the island untouched and mysterious avoiding tourist crowds.

The lighthouse is using wind and solar power Dispite its tinyness there are several buildings on Keri. The most important is the lighthouse, which was built in 1803 and is still showing the way to the ships.

Climbing up to the lighthouse makes you feel like being on top of a big cruise ship mast.The only inhabitants living in Keri island are volunteer lighthouse keepers with their families.

The start of our seatrip

The island from one corner

In front of Keri wooden house

Inside the Lighthouse

Keri island from the top of the lighthouse

View to our little boat

Standing outside the lighthouse

Take a look of a time-lapse video
how the salty sea freezes at wintertime.