Vesi Natural Mineral Water

Your body needs fresh water every day. The best You can offer to Your body, is clean and high quality water.

VESI comes deep from Estonian ground and bottled ice-cold. On its way to bottle the water remains unprocessed.

210m of ground layers enriches VESI with minerals our body cells needs to function. VESI has the best natural balance in its mineral contents.
Minerals mg/l
Mg 20-35 Ca 80-120
Na+Ka 8-15 HCO3 390-430
SO4 3,5-10,5
Water hardness is around 440 units.
You can enjoy 100% natural water.
VESI is rich of healthy minerals.

VESI is available on carton boxes.

500ml x 24 bottles
1,5L x 12 bottles